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Our Philosophy

Living deliberately: who’s in control of your money?

We believe that living deliberately entails making conscious decisions about things that are within your control. When it comes to your money, we have identified three distinct areas of control:

  1. Your personal resources. As an income earner, you need to make decisions about how to spend and save your money.

    Have you budgeted sufficient resources to finance and protect your desired lifestyle?

  2. Your legacy resources. It’s only natural to want to protect that which you cherish most. You need to make decisions about what you leave behind and for whom.

    What legacy would you like to leave? How will you transfer what you have to whom you want, when you want, the way you want?

  3. Your voluntary and involuntary giving. Even the part of the dollar that you earn but don’t keep can be managed through strategic planning. You need to make decisions about how to minimize your tax liability. You also need to determine how to support causes you care about through charitable giving.

    Have you directed your money in ways that are consistent with your personal values?

Our process puts you at the helm, so that you can make proactive, informed decisions about the things that matter most, rather than reacting to external factors that fall outside of your control.