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Business Evaluation

What is your business worth?1

According to IBIS World only 2% of closely held business owners know their business valuation that means 98% do not know. There are four major reasons why business owners neglect to have their business valued:

1.  Expensive

2. Time Consuming

3.  Complicated

4.  Not Urgent

You may be surprised to learn how by working with WestPoint Private Client Group, we can lower the cost, reduce your time spent gathering information, present it back to you in a way that is very straightforward and relevant to your industry. In addition, the best time to do it is when there is no deal on the table and you can use it as a benchmark for growing your enterprise.

What are the benefits?2

1.Worth--In many cases in can be your largest asset. Without knowing the value of your business it is impossible to know your true net worth.

2.Protection—Ensuring your protection starts with understanding the value of your enterprise. If you do not have a good working value, you may be at risk for not to provide for your family and employees if something unexpected were to occur.

3.Future State—an over or undervalue can set you up for unexpected challenges as it relates to retirement planning and may erode the future value of your retirement.

4.Best Decisions—how do I know to take an offer for my company? The value will help ensure that best decision can be made for maximum value, not just maximum price.

5.Potential—A good valuation will highlight your key distinctives and you can gain a deeper understanding into what drives the value of your business.

WestPoint Private Client Group does not provide qualified business valuations. For a qualified or certified business valuation, consult a properly credentialed appraiser.

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